The origin of ganjaMountain

The origin of ganjaMountain

Somewhere in the Americas a village goes up in flames.
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Those left behind by covid-19 were weary from grieving.

No one remembers who was the first to start yelling at the sky. But soon they all called out to an ancient legend for help.

Their cries mixed with the smoke and rose above them.
Different versions of the stories appear in several ancient cultures.

But there's something they all have in common.

The stories all say g-Mtn will come in the future.
The ancient cultures influenced by ganjaMountain.

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The prophesies speak of a terrible time when a plague strikes the whole world.

And the people are led by an evil orange clown.

When these things happen, ganjaMoutain will come.
You're fired!
President Chump
And it doesn't come crashing down from the violent skies or rising from the polluted seas.

It appears quietly, in the middle of nowhere.

With the only clue being that the dirt that it comes from is the color of rusted metal.
What happened to ganjaMountain?
An invocation to g-Mtn
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